• Total Shared Savings Revenue by Organization- $1.5 Million Annual
  • Total Care Management Fee Revenue by Organization - $300K Annual
  • Increased Hypertension Control to 80%
  • Increased Diabetes Control to 65%
  • Decreased ER Utilization 25%
  • Chronic Care Management Enrollment Average 40% of total Medicare Lives
  • Chronic Care Management Revenue by Organization- $50K monthly
Payer Quality

Value-Based Care

Value-Based care quality incentives over and above your Fee For Service/Prospective Payment System.

Most payers offer these types of arrangements

Most payers offer these types of arrangements – All Louisiana Medicaid and most Medicare Advantage payers offer value-based care contracts

THS offers strategic advising and planning, operational expertise to maneuver through the value-based care landscape, strong knowledge of technology platforms offered by payers. 

THS guides healthcare organizations and medical groups through seamless transitions from volume to value-based care, helping them deliver improved, more affordable, more engaging care across populations.

THS works collaboratively with payers to develop contracts, measures and incentives that ensure providers are engaged in value-based care and achieving quality goals for their patient population. 

THS helps empower provider engagement in value-based care contracts by designing a more effective care model.  The design ensures validated data, effective quality reporting and timely access to patient data.

Most payers offer these types of arrangements
Our collaboration with providers and payers has a proven track record to

Reduce costs and improve quality outcomes across populations

VBC components include:

  • Medical loss ratio (MLR) and Shared Savings type arrangements
  • Per Member Per Month (PMPM) payments
  • Care Management Fee (CMF) payments