• Total Shared Savings Revenue by Organization- $1.5 Million Annual
  • Total Care Management Fee Revenue by Organization - $300K Annual
  • Increased Hypertension Control to 80%
  • Increased Diabetes Control to 65%
  • Decreased ER Utilization 25%
  • Chronic Care Management Enrollment Average 40% of total Medicare Lives
  • Chronic Care Management Revenue by Organization- $50K monthly
Population Health Management 

Nurse Call Center

THS offers clinical guidance and expertise. Our team is comprised of nurses with extensive experience in quality performance, population health, risk stratification, and managing patients with chronic conditions. Our nurses become an extension of your existing clinical team.

Most payers offer these types of arrangements
Target Health’s clinical outreach team can help you better manage your patient population. Types of outreach include preventative services, care management, transition of care, and annual wellness visits.
We assist in stratifying populations and prioritizing patient outreach.  Our vast experience with population health technology tools, such as Azara, from the payer portals and electronic medical records (EMR) support overall success efforts.
Tailored patient outreach campaign schedule for your health center.
Tailored scripting, seamless approach (extension of your team).
Sophisticated call center system to securely manage all outreach performed on your behalf with individualized productivity reports to leadership.
Individualized performance dashboard.



Knowing your population to ensure success in value-based care contracts



Having a clinical team to prioritize, stratify and outreach to your patient population



Closing the loop by ensuring appropriate clinical documentation, coding, and billing

Ensuring you are receiving the credit you deserve

for the excellent care you provide.