• Total Shared Savings Revenue by Organization- $1.5 Million Annual
  • Total Care Management Fee Revenue by Organization - $300K Annual
  • Increased Hypertension Control to 80%
  • Increased Diabetes Control to 65%
  • Decreased ER Utilization 25%
  • Chronic Care Management Enrollment Average 40% of total Medicare Lives
  • Chronic Care Management Revenue by Organization- $50K monthly
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“Access Health Louisiana was the first FQHC to begin a partnership with Target health. We started our journey together in 2017.  Dana and Lori have helped us understand the shift from volume to value-based care. Target has assisted us in analyzing our payor data- medical cost, utilization, and quality, which has helped us prioritize our patient outreach. Actually , Target health nurses have taken over our patient outreach.  Dana and Lori have helped Access Health Louisiana receive millions of dollars in additional quality payments each year. They are a true extension of our team and a pleasure to work with.”

Mark F Keiser, President/Chief Executive Officer of Access Health Louisiana

“St Thomas Health Center has been working with Target Health (Lori and Dana) for 4 years now. They have taught us the intricacies of Value-Based Care and Population Health Management. Target Health has renegotiated new value-based arrangements with all the Medicaid plans on our behalf. This has allowed us to realize our full potential in quality payments and shared savings. Target has become a part of our clinical teams. They work daily with our health coaches and providers.  Target Health nurses call our patients on our behalf for annual wellness and preventative visits.  They are a true asset, could not do this work without them.”

Donald T. Erwin, MD, Chief Executive Officer, St Thomas Community Health Center